Mystery Snail Not Moving – Top 6 Main Reasons

Mystery snail not moving

The mystery snail’s attractive and charming appearance excites its owners. Furthermore, this snail removes trash and waste from the aquarium. In this post, Aquatic 247 will help you understand the mystery snail not moving that do not move, leading many people to believe they are dead.

What is a mystery snail?

The mystery snail is very popular because of its beautiful color as well as its practical benefits. These snails are completely calm and can be kept with any fish, shrimp, or plants.

At the same time, mystery snails are hard-working to clearly kelp off glass, plants, and decorations; they eat hair algae and keep your surfaces clean and color-correct.

The difference between these snails and those snails is breathing techniques and unique breeding. They can breathe through their gills and a tube that extends from the front of their bodies. They stretch this tube above the water line and then move it back and forth to let air in.

Mystery snail not moving
Mystery snail not moving

The mystery snails have 5 different colors:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Golden
  • Purple
  • Ivory white
  • Albino

Why is my mystery snail not moving?

When my mystery snail is not moving, some people think it has died. But this is not true. There are several reasons why is my mystery snail not moving.

New environment

The main reason is that snails have not yet adapted to the new environment when you first enter the fishbowl. It can take 1 to 3 days to start the activity and feel comfortable with the new fishbowl.

Hostile environment

That is clearly a mystery snail has peaceful behavior and is friendly. It never raids any fish. However, if you come into contact with an aggressive friend in a fishbowl, then, my mystery snail is moving and will hide in its shell, leading to inactivity until it feels safe.


Mysterious snails can cease moving when sleeping. Snails, like humans and other creatures, fall asleep as a kind of relaxation.

Unlike humans and other aquatic species, the mystery snail has no sleep routine. Mysterious snails may sleep anywhere. Some mystery snail species can sleep for two to three days, while others sleep for more than 13 hours.

So, if your mystery snail stops moving, see whether it’s asleep.


Mysterious snails can stop moving and hibernate. However, aquatic snails do not hibernate. Because the water conditions in the aquarium remain steady for squash snails. However, if the mystery snail does not feed for an extended period of time, it may go into hibernation.

Snails’ unexplained hibernation can endure for a long period. In order to survive the winter and summer months, wild mystery snails hibernate.

During hibernation, secretive snails reduce metabolic activity and consume less food.

Mystery snail not moving
Mystery snail not moving


This snail is still not active if it overfeeds. As a result, they cease moving and relax. So this isn’t a cause for concern.

Active at night

Some mystery snails are active at night. Then it became active and discovered the environment and food.

So, you see, the mystery snail is not moving, and you think the snail died.

How to distinguish between dead and hibernating snails?

Mystery snails are frequently inactive in aquariums for days. You can tell if a snail is hibernating or dead by looking at its shell. Dead snail shells appear discolored, weightless, and lifeless.

Even when a snail hibernates, a snail’s slime keeps it attached to objects. On the other hand, dead snails lack slime and frequently float away. In any case, don’t haste to throw away your snails.

How to treat the mysterious mystery snails not moving? 

If you notice that your mystery snail’s dormancy is odd, try some of the techniques explained below.

Adjust water parameters 

Because mystery snails require strict water conditions, you need to maintain strict water parameters in the tank.

  • Temperature: Around 75 to 86 degrees F. A high-quality heater helps with warming up and can help you avoid additional fluctuations.
  • Water pH: About 7.0 to 7.5. If the pH of the water goes up and down, your mystery snail will become stressed and inactive.
  • Ammonia, Nitrate, and Coppe: Maintain level zero.

Change water regularly

Chang water brings huge benefits for snails and plants. It helps you avoid the development of chemicals and keeps water clear and free of dust. Then, snails will be active normally.

Feed properly

If you don’t maintain healthy eating habits for my mystery snail, ideal tank conditions will not be achieved.

So feed your mystery snail properly. Keep calcium-rich foods like squid, spinach, basil, crushed coral, kale, lettuce, flakes, cabbage, pellets, etc.

Mystery snail not moving
Mystery snail not moving

Choose suitable friend 

Mystery snails live peacefully with their tank mates. If it is attacked by another tank, it will retreat into its shell.

So, choose suitable tank mates like guippies, Nerite snails, Cory catfish, ghost shrimp, etc.

In conclusion 

The mystery snail not moving, which is normal. If you keep snails in an aquarium, be selective with your tank mates. Avoid fish including goldfish, puffers, cichlids, and some catfish species that eat snails.