Is My Molly Pregnant? The 5 Most Important Signs To Recognize

Is my Molly pregnant

Molly is a loving fish and immensely easy to care for. However, only in cases where the fish is pregnant do you need to pay more attention. Many pet owners always ask the question: Is my Molly pregnant? How to tell if Molly fish is pregnant? What does a pregnant Molly fish look like? In this article, let’s have Aquatic 247 answer all these questions.

Is my Molly pregnant?

How to tell Molly fish is pregnant? To know whether Molly fish is pregnant or not, you need to observe some key indications. Here are some signs that you can reference.

Swollen Belly

Mollies can give birth to 100 to 120 fry at a time, and their abdomens round out as they approach birth. When an adult fish approximately 4.5 inches long carries roughly 100 little fish, it is clear.

However, simply having a bulging belly does not guarantee that Molly is pregnant. Aquarists should also be aware of other warning indicators, which we have updated below.

Is my Molly pregnant
Is my Molly pregnant

A gravid spot under 

What does a pregnant Molly fish look like? Another technique to identify if your Molly fish is pregnant is to look for a black, triangular mark near the anal fin. This feature on livebearers is called a gravid spot, which is a cluster of developing baby fry within the mother fish.

However, if you have a black Molly, the gravid spot may be more difficult to see because it is less obvious on darker-colored fish.

Behavioral changes 

A pregnant Molly fish would swim slowly due to the extra weight and size of the developing fry inside her body. At the same time, you’ll observe your normally calm and well-behaved Molly becoming angry.

In particular, a pregnant Molly will not take kindly to other fish that interfere with her sleep. That is why pregnant mollusks prefer to spend time in hiding spots during pregnancy.

Appetite changes

Molly’s fish appetite changes are normal during the pregnancy interval. Fish feelings of hunger and being fed over food. That is the metabolic demand and nutrition for embryonic development.

However, their appetite drops dramatically when they are close to labor or ready to give birth.

Looking for warmth

How to tell if Molly is pregnant? Another curious indication of Molly is that the female will be closer to the aquarium’s water heating system.

Aquarists believe this is due to Molly’s attempt to maintain a constant temperature during her pregnancy.

So warm regions are the ideal location for pregnant mollusks to hang out.

What are Molly’s pregnancy stages?

If you want to learn how pregnancy works, this section is for you. A Molly’s pregnancy can last anywhere between 35 and 45 days, depending on the species of Molly in your tank.

During pregnancy, you can see the following stages:

Stage 1: Insemination

Stage 2: Egg development

Stage 3: Birthing

Stage 4: Taking care of the fry

Stage 5: Molly’s breeding behavior

Is my Molly pregnant
Is my Molly pregnant

What is the right care for Molly’s pregnancy?

Molly usually reproduces without direct human intervention. However, we also need to note the following points to help fish have a good breeding environment.

Warm environment

Molly relies on heat to maintain her body’s temperature. So, you should keep the aquarium at a warm temperature of 23 to 29 degrees Celsius.

If you live in a cold climate, we recommend using a heater to maintain comfortable and sustainable temperatures.

Hiding space 

It is critical to offer ideal hiding spaces for mother fish. It can take the form of plants, caves, or other buildings. Pregnant mollies are more susceptible and agitated, so hiding them can make them feel comfortable while preventing disturbance from other fish.

How do you prepare for Molly’s birth? 

Most newborn fish stay with their parents because they take good care of them and shield them from harm. Unfortunately, the same cannot be stated with Molly fish. Because they can eat their baby.

Setting up the tank

It is necessary to prepare a separate tank for Molly’s birth. The tank should be at least 10 gallons and have plenty of hiding spots, like as plants or ornaments.

The water temperature should be regulated between 78 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, ensure that the tank includes an air pump and filter to keep the water clean and oxygenated.

Is my Molly pregnant
Is my Molly pregnant

Providing food 

Baby fish can feed after being born. Make sure there is enough food in the tank for all of the fries to get their fair share without too much competition.

At the same time, you should grind the meal into little bits so that the infant may easily eat it.

In conclusion 

Through this post, Aquatic 247 hopes you are now equipped with all the information you need to know how to tell if a Molly fish is pregnant. Once you’ve confirmed the pregnancy, take meticulous care of the fish to ensure the fry is born healthy.