Can Angel Fish With Betta Get Along? Are Betta Aggressive?

Angel Fish With Betta

Some fish can naturally cohabitate, while others cannot. Sometimes, acclimating fish to one another takes a lot of preparation. In particular, angel fish with betta thrive in solitude and even kill some fish that try to share space. In this post, Aquatic 247 will explore whether they live together or not.

Can Betta Fish Live With Angelfish?

Betta fish are not considered good tank mates for angelfish in the long term for several reasons.

Angelfish belong to the family Cichlids; they are relatively peaceful while young but tend to get more aggressive and territorial when they’re older. This makes them a long-term risk for betta.

Furthermore, betta fish are extremely territorial, particularly males, and are prone to attack each other if housed in the same tank with no means of escape; this typically results in the death of one or both fish.

Angel Fish With Betta
Angel Fish With Betta

How do you keep two angel fish with betta?

Growing both fish together depends on executing strategies to lessen hostility and territorial behavior. Here are some ways that you reference.

Provide in a large tank

Both betta fish and angelfish are territorial, therefore reducing tank volume and the likelihood of violence between the species.

Both species become defensive when intruders invade their space, so make sure they have enough room to remain on their sides.

As a result, a 55-gallon tank will allow each species to establish its boundaries while avoiding unnecessary run-ins.

Angel Fish With Betta
Angel Fish With Betta

Raised as a child

Angelfish often take a more aggressive and territorial stance as they mature. However, this fish is much more docile when it is young.

Therefore, this is a good opportunity to put angelfish and betta in the same tank. From then on, the two species got used to each other’s presence without any hostility, even when they became adults.

However, harmony in adulthood remains unclear. It’s best to pay attention and observe both of your behaviors.

Add decorations to provide hiding places

Adding decorations such as rock structures or PVC pipes will not only provide hiding places for weaker species but will also help divide the tank into clear territories, keeping other species out.

You can also use large plants such as anubis or hornwort to block the line of sight between the species and keep them apart.

Can any fish live with a betta? 

Here are some betta fish tankmates that you know.


Shrimp is a great choice for betta fish tankmates. However, the aquarium should be heavily planted so that shrimp can return. They also serve on the cleanup team, assisting in the prevention of biofilm buildup on tank surfaces. They come in a variety of hues, and all have unique personalities.


Snails are friend cleaners and will help maintain your tank’s surfaces free of algae and debris. We recommend nerite snails, as they require brackish water to breed and won’t immediately take over your betta aquarium.

African dwarf frogs 

Betta fish tankmates that you never think are African dwarf frogs. Most aquarists have discovered that their frogs and bettas coexist peacefully.

The only time you should be particularly cautious with this pairing is during feeding times, when one of them may outcompete the other for food.

Can any fish live with an angelfish?

Here are some suggestions for an angelfish tank.

Dwarf gouramis

Dwarf gouramis are colorful additions that may often outcompete slightly more aggressive fish. They grow to around 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) and are typically found in the middle and upper water columns.

This fish gets along well with angelfish since their preferred water conditions and general disposition are similar.

Angel Fish With Betta
Angel Fish With Betta


Rainbow fish are slightly more active than most community fish. Keep an eye on your fish during feeding time, since rainbow fish can outcompete angelfish.

Compatible rainbowfish species:

  • Dwarf rainbowfish (Melanotaenia praecox)
  • Celebes rainbowfish (Marosatherina ladigesi)

Remember that rainbow fish must be kept in groups of at least six and will require a larger tank if kept with angelfish.


Rasboras are less energetic than rainbowfish, but they are still large enough to deter your angelfish’s appetite.

Most aquarists answer yes with some rasboras like:

  • Harlequin rasboras (Trigonostigma heteromorpha)
  • Blacklin rasboras (Rasbora borapetensis)

If you are worried about your angelfish eating smaller rasboras, try to buy fish that are already big and will not be seen as a quick lunch. Also, try to get as large a school as your tank can handle, as they find safety in numbers.

In conclusion 

Angel fish with betta should not live in the same aquarium. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution to guarantee the safety and health of your two fish species.

If you are unsure about keeping bettas and angelfish together, you can establish separate community tanks with other species, such as cory catfish or dwarf gouramis.