How Often To Feed Mystery Snails? Explore Now!

The most important factor in taking care good for mystery snails is knowing how often to feed mystery snails. In this post, Aquatic 247 will explore more about feeding my snail.

What should you feed mystery snails?

Feeding mystery snails involves algae wafers, vegetables, and other suitable food. The leftover fish food that your tank mates drop will also be consumed by the mystery snails if you have fish.

You know, mystery snails are an omnivorous species, and they consume a wide variety of foods. Even if the snail is hungry but has nothing to eat, it can still chew on live plants in the aquarium.

What should you feed a golden mystery snail food if don’t have fish in the tank?

When we keep snails in a tank without fish, we need to provide more food than usual. Below are some foods that you can refer to:


Algae is the main food source for snails. In particular, algae grows naturally in the tank even when there are no fish. The warmer the temperature and the more light, the more rapidly algae grows in the tank, plants, decorations, and gravel.


Some fruits that feed mystery snails are apples, grapes, melon, pumpkin, and cucumber. At the same time, snails need to avoid some acidic fruits like tomatoes and oranges.

Besides, before feeding mystery snails, they need to wash and dry produce. And peeling the fruit will remove any exterior chemicals and make it easier for snails to eat.


Snails can feed carrots, peas, lettuce, and other leafy green. For hard products like carrots, you need to blanch and cool them before feeding them to the snails.

Note: After a day or two, take the food out of the tank if it isn’t craving veggies or extra food. Food scraps left in the tank can quickly deteriorate the water’s quality.

Store-bought snail food

Mystery snails are eager to enjoy snail food, such as sinking shrimp pellets. Obviously, sinking food is best for snails because they cannot enjoy food that floats on the water’s surface.

It is very important to avoid any products that contain copper in any form. The reason is that copper is toxic to invertebrates. Therefore, you always watch the ingredients of any shaving products put into the aquarium so that they do not contain alcohol.

How often to feed mystery snails? 

How to feed mystery snails? The frequency and amount of food we feed mystery snails depends on the size of the tank as well as the size of the snail.

If your tank does not have too much algae, you need to feed the snails more food outside. Or if you keep snails in large numbers, the algae can only feed one of the snails in the tank.

Besides, the amount of food also depends on the size of the mysterious snail. Obviously, larger snails will need more food than smaller snails. Therefore, for small snails, you do not need to feed them every day.

For example, if you raise 2 to 5 mystery snails, you only need to add food every 2 days. If after 2 days you notice leftover food, then you are feeding them too much and need to reduce the amount or frequency of feeding.

How often to feed mystery snails
How often to feed mystery snails

How to know if the mystery snail is eating properly? 

To know if feeding mystery snails is the right thing to do, you need to make sure they are strong and you are fed enough food.

Strong activity 

The first way to see if a snail is healthy is to watch its activity. Normally, snails move around in the tank and explore their surroundings (especially active at night).

However, if the snail is lethargic and not moving, you need to pay attention to its health and diet to ensure your pet is okay.

The shell is thick and not cracked

The snail shell must be thick, not cracked, and not pitted. This represents a healthy and complete diet. Furthermore, a diet high in calcium will help the shell become beautiful and shiny. On the contrary, if the shell shows signs of being ugly and rough, you need to take corrective measures immediately.

Keep in mind that nutritional supplements, such as calcium chips, are meant to reinforce the snail’s shell and maintain its strength and health, not to serve as its main source of nutrition. Snails shouldn’t typically be given more than they can consume in a few hours. Ammonia is produced by all dietary supplements and can upset the nitrogen cycle.

In conclusion

Now you know the answer to the question: How often to feed mystery snails? Close monitoring of water parameters as well as proper feeding are essential for their happiness. If the mystery snail is working with a perfect and sturdy shell, then congratulations, you are feeding it correctly. Don’t forget to follow us regularly to get quick and accurate information!