Can Mystery Snails Live Out Of Water? What You Need To Know

Can mystery snails live out of water

Can mystery snails live out of water? This snail can survive without water for a certain amount of time. In this post, Aquatic 247 will explore this problem.

Can mystery snails live out of water?

Can water snails live out of water? Mystery snails can survive out of water for some time under the right conditions.

However, there are risks involved with keeping them out of the water. Specifically, they will die because they cannot survive long without water.

Can mystery snails live out of water
Can mystery snails live out of water

How long can mystery snails live out of water?

How long can a mystery snail live out of water? An enigmatic snail may last for up to five days without water. In arid habitats, mystery snails have a lower chance of surviving since their bodies dry out faster than those of other aquatic or terrestrial snails.

What conditions allow mystery snails to live outside of water?

The conditions that allow the mystery snail to live outside water are temperature, humidity, age, and size. Below are the details that you can refer to.


For them to survive outside water, the environment is necessary. Their ability to retain body heat and moisture when out of the water is aided by cool temperatures.

Therefore, mysterious snails do not like high temperatures because they will dry out and become lifeless.


In a humid environment, the bodies of mystery snails stay moist. The snail will become dehydrated in a hot, dry environment, which will hinder its ability to create a lot of slime and interfere with all of its internal processes.

Age and size

It is clear that large snails will be able to survive longer than smaller snails. The basic reason is that large snails have the ability to breathe air and reduce metabolism when in a hibernation-like state.

Why is mystery staying out of the water?

Some snails leave the water for various reasons. Below are 3 main reasons why snails stay away from water.

To breathe

Mysterious snails actively seek to escape unfavorable environments rather than trying to adapt to survive in them. Some common reasons are:

Can mystery snails live out of water
Can mystery snails live out of water

To start laying eggs

Mystery snails during the breeding season often escape the water completely to lay eggs. You will then encounter a nest of eggs stranded on the water.

Although these snails must leave the water to reproduce, they never stay out of the water for too long.


Mystery snails tend to explore their surroundings due to their curious nature. This is the main reason why snails are often considered masters of escape.

How do you keep mystery snails from coming out of the water? 

Because they have a greater chance of living in water than in any other environment, snails perform better there. Therefore, it’s best to address the issues that lead to snail escapes from aquariums.

Improve the water quality

Keep a thermometer and water test kit close at hand to make sure the water level in the tank is consistent and appropriate.

  • Water temperature: 20–28 degrees
  • Water hardness: 150–300 ppm
  • pH: 6.5 – 7.5
  • Ammonia, Nitrate and Potassium: temperature necessary

Have a good substrate

The substrate has rough and sharp edges that can injure snails. So, if you want to use gravel in your aquarium, you should use gravel with smooth edges to avoid scaring the snails. This means that good substrate helps prevent snails from escaping.

Prevent overcrowding

Snails need a tank of at least 5 – 10 gallons to grow healthily. At the same time, a large aquarium gives snails more space to move and explore. As a result, they do not need to satisfy their natural curiosity by escaping the tank.

Friendly roommate 

Before adding snails to the aquarium, make sure other species will live peacefully with the snails. The reason is that many species of killer snails have the ability to harm and destroy mysterious snails.

Can mystery snails live out of water
Can mystery snails live out of water

Close the lid

Snails can be unhappy with their current habitat for many reasons, from which they try to escape from the aquarium. However, the chance of survival is very low. Therefore, we should prevent them from escaping by sealing any openings that snails can use to escape.

In conclusion

Can mystery snails live out of water? Mystery snails will dehydrate and even die without water. Therefore, we need to feed the snails a lot of food and keep the water clean, ensure the right temperature as well as keep them in the recommended tank size. In particular, closing the lid will prevent the snails from leaving the water.